Strengthening the Cultural Bond: Morocco's New Cultural Policy for its Diaspora

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Morocco has long recognized the importance of its diaspora, known as Marocains Résidant à l'Etranger (MRE), and their significant contribution to the country's development.

To further strengthen the cultural bond with its diaspora, Morocco's Ministry Charg des Marocains Rsidant l'Etranger et des Affaires de la Migration has introduced a comprehensive new cultural policy. This blog post will review the key elements of this policy, presented in three parts.

Part 1: Understanding the Diaspora and Their Cultural Identity

The new cultural policy begins with understanding the diverse diaspora and their cultural identity. Morocco seeks to maintain a strong connection with MREs and acknowledge their contributions to culture. The first part outlines the importance of preserving traditions while embracing modernity and technological advancements to foster communication with the younger generations. The policy emphasizes a balanced approach between open-mindedness, tolerance, and a commitment to ancestral traditions.

Part 2: Vision and Pillars of the Cultural Policy

The second part outlines the vision and pillars of the new cultural policy. It emphasizes two major pillars - a modern and proud Morocco, deeply attached to its traditions, and an open country connected to the world. The policy aims to mobilize innovative means and diversify funding sources to maximize its cultural impact. This includes offering cultural activities in the countries where MREs reside, promoting Moroccan art and culture, and providing educational opportunities in the Moroccan language and religion.

The policy also focuses on the importance of centers like Dar Al Maghrib and offers strategies for establishing a common cultural ground in host countries, proposing online cultural portals, and enriching audiovisual content for MREs.

Part 3: Implementation and Professionalization

The third part delves into the implementation of the policy and strategies to encourage professionalization. The key actions include creating an interactive online platform to connect cultural professionals and artists, strengthening partnerships with host countries' cultural ecosystems, and attracting new funding sources. Additionally, it advocates for proper governance, efficient communication, and evaluation to ensure the policy's success.


Morocco's new cultural policy for its diaspora represents a significant step in fostering cultural exchanges and strengthening the bonds between the country and its MREs. By understanding the diverse identities of the diaspora and embracing both tradition and innovation, the policy aims to create a cohesive cultural framework. The focus on Dar Al Maghrib centers, the use of digital platforms, and professionalization strategies will help ensure the policy's effectiveness. As Morocco looks towards the future, this cultural policy serves as a testament to the nation's commitment to maintaining its cultural heritage and celebrating the vibrant diversity of its diaspora.